Dance of the Shaman

by Khanus

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Dance of the Shaman is our homage to the Erotic Occult, the sacred sexuality, Shiva and Shakti.

This is a track we subscribed to the Finnish song competition "Okkultismia ja Erotiikkaa".


released October 31, 2016

Petri Puolakka - Didgeridoo and Jewharp
Artifex IC - Lyrics
Meltiis - Female vocals
Sovereign - Vocals, Guitar, Shaman drum, Singing bowl. cover art.
Mixed and Mastered by Pavel Daniels (
Original photo of the shaman by Tapio Lehtinen
Khanus logo by Luciana Nedelea of Luciana Nedelea artworks.



all rights reserved


Khanus Oulu, Finland

Exploring the boundaries of matter, spirit, consciousness and the universe with the Metal of death as the instrument since MMXV

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Track Name: Dance of the Shaman
The Dance of the Dionysian Shaman
(Artifex IC 2016)

A wizard in his blueblack cloak
Wandering through the world of shadows
Finding no peace or liberation
From the shallow doctrines of the collective hypnoses

So he continues through the forest of passion
Finding the shining Yggdrasil from its midst
There lies a crimson lady in red
Powerful and dangerous
Full of dissolution and destruction

Realizing the imminent danger of destruction
The wizard approaches her in passionate lust
So they begin the dance of Shiva and Shakti
A divine dance of lila and maya

There is no separation between Samsara and Liberation!

Come to me my God
I am your internal glow
Together we'll send the whole world whorling down to oblivion
Up into the skies and heaven
I am your Goddess
For whom you have searched for all your shallow life

Their left hands holding them together
They unite under the world tree
While on top of the near mountain peak
A fraternity of the red-blue Dragon
Smiles with benevolent communion

Under the Diamond Vajra of the Jeweled Citadel
The Flame of Liberation rises towards the Crown
Dissolving all boundaries of illusion

The God in Him unites with the Goddess in Her in sweet ecstatic union
The milk and honey of the Golden Age flows through the tree of Life & Death
Like the mercurial messenger between the worlds
That kills as easily as it awakens and dissolves all duality

What exactly is cold ascetic enlightment
Compared to the union of the brothers and daughters of the indigo black flame?
The immanent ascendant transendence of a tantric union
beyond the shallow world of forms and doctrines

Enlightment, sex and death all unite
Under the light of the Midnight Sun
In the gleam of the Trishula Sceptre of Shiva
Where all the wrong things are done for all the right reasons!

So the eternal dance of Shamanic Ecstasy continues forever more
For those with the eyes to see and things to understand

Madness, Death and destruction
Liberation & Ascension
The dance of the dionysian Shaman!