by Khanus

  • Cassette + Digital Album

    1st. edition cassette. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

    C-46 Chrome tapes with on-shell print. Printed in Gold (50pcs) and Silver (50pcs). Cardboard foldover case manufactured and printed locally in Oulu, Finland by Primeval Vision.
    Comes with a folded 31cm x 20cm lyric insert.

    Includes a digital Download code.

    Released by Khanus

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Deluxe 4-panel Digipack CD, 12-page booklet with lyrics, both printed on matte paper.

    Layout by Francesco Gemelli.

    Released by I, Voidhanger Records on July 20th 2018

    Includes unlimited streaming of Flammarion via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • T-Shirt/Apparel

    Woven patch. Khanus logo and Shamanic Metal of Death MMXVII text. Size is 5" square.
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  • 12" LP (Black)
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    • Limited to 200 copies worldwide
    • 140gr. vinyl
    • 350gr. sleeve, 3mm spine
    • 12"x12" sized 4-page booklet poster
    • Outer plastic sleeve

    Released by I, Voidhanger Records

    Includes unlimited streaming of Flammarion via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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CD& LP Out through I, Voidhanger Records
MC self-released

"Finland's KHANUS introduced themselves to the metal audience in 2016 with the “Rites Of Fire” EP, a piece of shamanic metal of death perfectly underlining the ritualistic feel and the spiritual qualities of their music. Two years later, the band is back with its first full-length album, “Flammarion”, a monumental achievement that confirms the uniqueness of their proposal.

KHANUS' music oscillates between trance-inducing melodies almost bordering on hypnotic psychedelia and the primitive pulse of black/death metal, all seen through a distorting avant-garde lens that exalts the weirdness of the style without sacrificing brutality and aggressiveness. Together with LordT's powerful drumming, Sovereign's theatrical growls and nervous guitar playing incarnate the primordial side of KHANUS, while Meltiis' majestic soprano choirs play a more spiritual chord, adding a distinctive touch to the music, always incredibly dense and richly textured.

Boldly opening with a truly personal revisitation of DARKTHRONE's “The Serpent's Harvest”, “Flammarion” is a modern grimoire which deciphers the unfathomable depths of human soul by revealing its mystical and divine origins, as reflected in the pagan magic, occultism, mythology, ancient superstitions and esoteric knowledges that crossed mankind's path throughout the millennia. KHANUS' “Flammarion” owns the irresistible charm of all that sacred culture, and burns it alive at the stake of underground metal.

Deluxe Digipack CD with 12-page lyric booklet out July 20.
LP out late August, strictly limited to 200 copies on black vinyl, with a 4-page 12"x12" poster booklet."


released July 20, 2018

Meltiis - Soprano vocals and Choir.
Lordt - Drums.
Sovereign - Guitars, Bass, Vocals.

Cover art by Business for Satan.
CD & LP Layout by Francesco Gemelli.
Drums recorded by Rupert Peters at the Mayfair studios.
Mixed by Aort.
Mastered by S.D at The Empty Hall Studios.
Shaman Drum and Chanting at "The Serpent's Harvest" by KHAA-man.
Guitar Solo on "The Uncreated" by G.Rhone.
Khanus logo by Luciana Nedelea.


all rights reserved



Khanus Oulu, Finland

Exploring the boundaries of matter, spirit, consciousness and the universe with the Metal of death as the instrument since MMXV

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Track Name: A Timeless Sacred Art

A Timeless sacred art
There is a spirit hidden
in the darkness
a Divine spark buried
in the darkness of matter
The wholeness of our being
wounded, inferior and unconscious

Stunning cosmic perfection

Our wounds, are indispensible
for the accomplishment
these shadow parts

the timeless dimension of our being

To come to understanding
the Totality of our being
the Wholeness of our being
the Vastness of the Self

Give rise to all creation
the Highest value is to be
found in the Lowest
the Blessing is to be
found in the curse
the Wisdom is to be
found in ignorance

scorn and revulsion
Contempt and division

The art has no enemies, except the ignorant

Become accomplished
in the Sacred Art of Alchemy
Connect and conspire
to co-inspire

For I am thou and thou art I

It is a living paradox
It is in the flesh - our flesh
It is clear
It is of the art
It is of the man himself

A Timeless Sacred Art
The deepest blessings are found
in the distressing dark shadows
It is beyond understanding
and thou art lost in the Mystery
Lost in the womb of the mother
the human soul

What nature left imperfect

the art perfects
Track Name: Titan Souls

Light, Day, Waking, Life
Darkness, Night, Sleep, Death

Titans and Titanides
as old as the ages
born of Earth and Heaven
the first polarization
the Unifying force

Where did the Titans come?
The body - The Titan
The soul - The Divine

In six males with six females
As male and female in Unity
Still in unity

Where did the Titans come?
From the deep human
cosmic unconscious

In six males with six females
Souls of infite passion
Those of the fire

I stand eye to eye with
Those of the fire
The Titans
The Shamans
The High Priests

Where did the Titans go?
It is unknown

In six males with six females
The primordials, our souls
Still waiting
Track Name: Ageless
Aika, Sielu, Ajaton

The Soul is Ageless
All time is simultaneous
From outside of time
as we know it

Outside of yourself
add time
a reference point
of before and after
no reference point
no time

Ether - Matter - Forever
Outside of time

from outside
of our time
are we confronting
our Dark Side
Track Name: The Uncreated
Their world was my world
both Cosmic and Spiritual

The Instinctual

an Uncreated
the Unconscious
an Uncreated

To recognize this universe
is not speaking literally

but,like in a dream
is speaking to us symbolically

Our experience of suffering
Limiting, problematic and reinforcing
Recognize the origin
Transpersonal and archetypal

These shadow parts

Descend into the unconscious
Into the depths of our own darkness
Into the blackness of death
A night sea journey

Like the dragon [uroboros]
A being without beginning or end

The darkness darker than dark
The seed for the future birth
The journey that all of us must take
Our own intrinsic wholeness

A great uncreated mystery
The ungraspable
The virginal mother

The root of itself
And rooted in itself

The arcane substance
The true man
The Self

Is tortured
The Uncreated
Transformed (and then)
Rises again.
Track Name: Secular Spiritual Existence
Where the beginning starts
where the end ends
or are they just the same?

What is the end of the Universe
Is there one?

What if there is no end
Can there be a beginning?

Whatever the truth is
I want to end where I started

I stand at the center of creation
The very origin itself
Is lost in the dim mists of time

You and I we are just two
Invisible specks in the cosmos
But also we are the cosmos.

A singular nowness eternally unfolding

In endlessly
diverse and novel patterns

The true man, The Self

The shaman, Ecstatic techniques
of dreams, of visions and trances

The realm of invisible
Causal reality
The death of the body
Eternal existence

Confer upon the wisdom
Confer upon the power
Confer upon existence
Secular spiritual existence
Track Name: Surrupu
When gods were in the ways of men
Records burned in stone

The gods grew discontent
Tired of the incessant noise

The plague
It will come
the Surrupu disease

Where are your gods now?

Make sacrifice
to the plague god

The god of the Plague reigned
The goddess watched and wept

The lungs of the earth
will have room to breath
Track Name: Magick And Numbers
the significance of Numbers
the whole scheme of Universes
how they function

the Messenger - the Illuminator - Transformation.

black and white
Composites and primes
the movement of the Zodiac

Through revelations and intuition
to entire planetary octaves
It is of little consequence what they do
Will you remain in occlusion?

A change is needed
On a societal level
in consciousness
within ourselves

The old ways work no more, things need to go.

0 - Cycles, cycles, cycles
the limitless ALL

1 - The singular I
the individual
the straight path
the line of continuum

2 - Duality and polarity
Two merge to become one

3 - The point of trinity
of fire, action and will

4 - Solidity of form
function - endurance - permanence

5 - the Pentagram
the Elements
Tuli - Vesi - Ilma - Maa - Henki

6 - I have felt the waters of chaos
I have birthed what will flow

7 - The Seven Sacred Vowels
The Seven Major Chakras
The Seven Dragon Queens

8 - This is the point of sacrifice
what I have gathered for myself
I came upon a Path of choosing
held by the Gates of Time

9 - True wisdom
We test our strengths
We refine our weaknesses
the threshold of our glory

10 - The truth of my beginnings
the knowledge of my final end
The All that has been and will be
the Spirit of the Limitless All

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